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Web design, Cape Town

PALEBLUESKY is a Cape Town based web design company with a client base which is primarily international - extending from London to Beijing.

Web design, brand design and SEO are our passion! Simple, clear communication is everything to us. We make the user experience work!

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Web design, Cape Town

A lot of people find the transition to the web a CHALLENGING experience. Web design itself is fairly straight forward and so is brand design but the nuts and bolts of WEB 2.0 are mind boggling to say the least ... We understand that.

PALEBLUESKY will take care of the whole package for you: web design, development, CMS (Client/Content Management System), SEO or Search Engine Optimisation if you prefer it in full. And we'll introduce you to the benfits of Social Media along the way ...

Choosing a Web Designer or Web Design Company ...

Choosing a Web Designer

Choosing a web designer can be a tricky process, especially when you as the client don't necessarily know the right language to use, the right questions to ask. It can be daunting to say the least.

We suggest taking into consideration these basic rules and trusting in your first impressions before you sign on the dotted line:

  1. Prompt communication should be a must, right from the start.
  2. Does the company talk about SEO structures in the first conversation? They should!
  3. Is a full quote offered?
  4. Is the design look and feel discussed?
  5. Are detailed questions asked about the demographic of the end user?
  6. Is a detailed timeline offered?
  7. Is a CMS (Content Management System) included as standard in the package?
  8. Is an ongoing SEO package suggested?

If all these concepts are suggested or discussed early on in your enquiries then go ahead ... but if not, think again!

Our latest sites

Small Steps Adventure
Small Steps Adventure.com

PALEBLUESKY's third site for Small Steps In China (Ltd) is live.

We've tried to keep a similar look-and-feel running throughout their websites, while adding a different design element each time ...

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